Development of the traffic dataview component for the SOLSUN smartcity mobile client

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The repercussions of the self-destructive lifestyle of mankind are progressively perceived. In order to reduce the ecological footprint - as a result of excessive energy consumption, carbon emissions and the preservation of the environment - is one of the momentous questions in the 21st century. As a matter of fact in every aspect the identification of potential solutions stand in need of global collaboration. In the field of information technology the concept of Smart city is a proposition to be an integral part of the comprehensive cooperation. The key element for the purpose of maintaining on a long-term a high standard of living is the optimization of infrastructure of expanding metropolitan cities. The Department of Automation and Applied Informatics of Budapest University of Technology and Economics along with its four consortium partners at the Sustainable Outdoor Lightning & Sensory Urban Networks (SOLSUN) project aim to demonstrate the grounds and necessity of a smart city and that the development and maintenance is feasible in a rapid cost-effective manner. This particular thesis elaborates on the development of a well-defined part of the SOLSUN mobile client (the possibility by the use of the sensor network to display the user the traffic report) nevertheless as an extensive analysis it must contain the program parts already prepared by team members, address the development method, the tools used and the operation of SOLSUN itself.


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