Design of augmented reality application supporting arbitration with utility companies

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays mobile phones are capable of performing more and more tasks. On many areas of life mobile phone based support systems exist and make easier our life. A lot of computer technology can be used in mobile phone with more freedom, because of the increasing capabilities of mobile phones.

Recently augmented reality has become well known. The point of this is that the real world is expanded with virtual elements in real time. For example, the picture of a webcam is expanded with 3D models in certain conditions and users see the supplemented image. Due to the portability and high performance, mobile phones are capable of using this technology.

The public utilities provide services which are necessary to do our everyday things. To do works which have an effect on the infrastructure of public services, it is required to get their accurate location. Getting this information is always very time-consuming job and it is needed to collate the maps received from different sources. Works in wrong place can cause serious problems in the system, which might cause financial problems or human injuries. With a computer based support system the number of these problems can be minimized. In my thesis I examine what possibilities are to support public utilities with augmented reality moreover I write what advantages and disadvantages they have.

I analyze, what the possibilities are to create an augmented reality application in mobile phones, and I introduce some existing applications. It is possible to use mobile phones with other devices. In my thesis the application gets the video stream from a quadrocopter. I analyze how I can use this device and what advantages it has.

My main task is to design and create a prototype application for Android platform. The application controls a quadrocopter and processes its image. With the application the process of data service is becoming faster and more safety for the public utility. The supplemented image gives more safety for the user during works. I examine what kinds of functions are possible to use to extend the application and I implement the most important of them. And finally I value the created system, which might be the base of a similar system with a quadrocopter.


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