Common application programming interface for cloud based binary data storage

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Scalable, fault-tolerant, pay as you use, reliable these are the buzzwords which describe one of the most rapidly developing information technology, the cloud computing. This type of service is a combination of many already existing technologies and it is built up contains a variety of services such as: database management, computing, data storage, webpage operations. In my thesis I will describe and compare the two biggest binary data storage provider solution. Present their interfaces, to show how we can use their services programmatically.

I got this task through a project by Tresoit Kft, where I’m working. The project’s aim is to replace the original data access layer with a new one which is capable of using multiple storage providers. Therefore, I need to design and implement a class library which is able to do the above mentioned task without modifying the original codebase. In order to do so, I needed to familiarize with the current data storage provider, then compare it to other market participants, in both mechanistic and functional aspects. I present all of this in my paper, applying the standard structure which meets the requirements.

Furthermore, my task includes testing the created module, because such product cannot be released without making sure it functions fully and correctly. Moreover, the created class library has to be extended with a memory base storage provider which facilitates the testing of the application using this provider.

All in all, I had to deal with a real business problem, which will also be integrated and applied into the production system. This is a good opportunity to experience taking part in a big quality project. Not to mention, that I gained knowledge about this company’s business culture and significantly improved my skills as a team member.


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