Validation methods based on common codebases for client and server sides

OData support
Ercsényi András
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The central theme of the thesis is data validation, limited to the level of common web applications. I’ll briefly review data validation-related concepts and possible contradictions. I’ll provide a comprehensive, though not superficial picture of how web applications composed of server-side Java EE and client-side Angular platforms. I’ll present the tools these two provide data validation-wise, with particular regard to the asymmetry of the client’s/server’s responsibility of the correctness of data.

During the next section, I’ll demonstrate the implementation process with the help of a simple example application, using some of the technologies described, step-by-step, along a linear path.

In the last section, I’ll provide evidence by modifying the existing application, that in some cases it’s achievable for the client and the server to use the exact same codebase to fulfill validation tasks, eliminating the errors caused by different operation.


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