Development of a community application on Android platform

OData support
Pomázi Krisztián Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In today’s world it can be said that half of the population has a smartphone and they use it every single day. Most of these smartphone users are also registered on some social media sites or applications and they share their experiences there. One of the most renowned image sharing applications, Instagram has approximately 800 million active users per month, who generate around 100 million media contents daily, which can be videos or just plain pictures.

My application is a social application in which the users can collect points for their uploaded content, but to achieve this they have to go out, because they can only take and share pictures on certain locations marked by the administrator of the application. Other users can like the shared content, and by this they give points to the uploaders. After the time expired, which is determinde by the admin, the users with the most points get rewards.

The finished solution contains an Android application which was written in Java, and the backend service which was written in C#. We are talking about a social application so it’s necessary to moderate the users, and because of this an administrator platform was made in Angular.

In the beginning of the thesis I introduce the technologies used by me and give an insight in their development. After these I discuss the designing phase in which I specify the database, the backend service, the Android client, and the administrator interface in this order. After the planning phase comes the implementation which is also discussed in the order mentioned earlier. In this section the point is not to show raw code segments, but to show the solutions what I found interesting and are useful. I verfiy the finished system by running some tests. To end the thesis I summarize the positive and negativ experiences gathered during the developing.


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