Development of Social Application for Android Platform

OData support
Gazdi László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays people use the social networking applications every day. For almost every need there is the right application. Some of them offer the ability to organize events, while others can make it possible to follow other people’s locations. However the combination of these two would be more ideal. It would be good to know if our friends are already on their way to the meeting and exactly where they are. That way we can estimate our departure. Also we can see who will be late and who won’t come at all. Therefore the demand came up for an application, that makes this possible.

In my thesis I will introduce the design and implementation process of FriendsPlus, which is a meeting organizer social networking application. It solves the problem, that was mentioned above. Since it’s a social networking application, we can add our friends to it and create meetings with them. We can also follow each other’s position from the departure to the meeting until the arrival. Furthermore we can send messages to our friends too.


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