Designing a social event organization platform and developing a server and a web client

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays it is absolutely normal for everyone, but especially for young people, to regularly use mobile and web applications. As a result of this, many forget, or simply ignore the fact, that getting new experiences is not only possible in front of screens, but in the company of other people, while participating in some activity, where everyone gets richer with new experiences.

The goal is not to make people stop using smart devices. Rather we would like to combine the offline and online worlds.

We are creating an event organizing application for small groups, that aims to connect people with the same interests. If someone has nothing to do, they can quickly create an event, and invite people whom they believe would be interested in participating. Or they can wait for the applications of people whom they do not know. There is no need to worry, the creator of the event always has the final say about who is allowed to participate.

In this paper we will discuss the creation and evolution of this application. We will also look at the inner workings of the server components, which operate in the background, and examine the building blocks of the web client.


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