Community Support for a Web-based School Management Information System

OData support
Cserkúti Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The rapid increase of the availability of broadband Internet connections nowadays and the constantly changing and advancing world of web-based technologies makes us possible to execute many of our administrative tasks in an online system smoothly and efficiently. The administration problems arisen in secondary education (grade registering, absence management, yearly educational statistics) do not make an exception either.

Side by side with the rapid spread of the Web, online communities have been formed – at first about specific topics of interests and later general ones in which everybody can participate. These community sites simplify keeping online contacts with other people by wide margin. Furthermore, this is also an important element of an educational system (electronic registries, message books). By implementing various community functions the system could be brought closer to the users and could be made simpler to browse.

The goal of this thesis is to find, analyze and implement these community functions in a web-based educational system. The formation of the community module takes place in the MySchool educational system. I am going to describe the main design and implementation aspects of the community module in this system.

The essay gives an introduction to the concept of MySchool, the motivations, the possible goals of the system and detailing the role of community functions in it. It also covers the various methods of designing these functions on a higher level and provides details about the special requirements an educational system raises.


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