Development of a social network based calendar on Spring platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The theme of the diploma is the specification, design and implementation of a web application. The completed program is a calendar enriched with multimedia- and social services that accomodates every modern requirement.

Due to the social nature of the project we completed the task based on a server-client architecture. The service can be reached via thin client (through browser) and the user data is stored centrally.

The program supports basic calendar funtinality like creating, modifying and deleting events and provides a wide range of customization (repeating and all day events, etc.) for them. The user has the ability to add reminders that send e-mails to the given address at some time before the event. The events can be viewed through different time frames and the most basic features can be reached in a simplified way so that the productivity of the userbase increases.

The calendar can be used by registered users only, but to ease the login and registration process the application is capable of using the security functionalities of social portals (Google and Facebook) for authentication. Local login is also available.

The multi-user system enables users to view each other’s calendars so as to ease the process of event organization. The invitees also get e-mail notification of the created event. Locations and pictures can be included with the events. The formal is supported with an online map and location search while the latter is based on Instagram’s image search service.


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