Social Networking with Automatic Connections

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The main communication form of today's generation is messaging and sharing via social networks. With creating a social network, a university can facilitate and modernize the communication between students, and between students and teachers. Thinking it further, this can be made to an even better system. The information available to the universities can lead to such functions, which could not be achieved in an average social network. In this thesis, the base of a system is laid down with which a new kind of social network can be achieved. This network tries to make the connections between the users, instead of the users. The example of an automatic network construction is implemented, and later on it can be complemented with other logics of this kind, with the purpose of building a precise and complete network. Using this network, users can send messages to each other, using the connections built between them. The number of these messages can be quite high, which can be hard for a human to process. For this reason, a simple algorithm is implemented, which can order the messages in a way, that the newer and more important ones gets the higher places. To be able to develop this further, a test system is made. One can insert his/her own algorithm into this, and verify, that it is working as he/she would like to, and as it is intended to be.


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