Social Network Integration on iOS

OData support
Dr. Kelényi Imre
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The spreading of smartphones made big changes in our daily routine. With their usage given the possibility to access internet services and browse the web anytime, anywhere. As part of the result of this process we have seen the growth of social networks traffic and expansion of their scope of use. Most functions of these services are accessible via smartphone applications. If we observe the growing number of social networks, we can see that one person tend to be the owner of many community profiles and relations between these profiles exist in several social networks at the same time.

The main objective of my thesis is to develop a mobile applications on iOS platform, that can present these community profiles and the acquaintances in a native, unified format and can handle connecting logically associated profiles from multiple services, so it can present detailed information about these people from all different sources. The application can gather data from Facebook, Twitter, Google Contacts, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and so the built-in address book, and show them in a proper way optimized for mobile user interface. The collected data can be browsed offline, so the program can be used as a functional contact manager application. Furthermore it can discover and recognize friendships between several social service profiles. After connecting these people the application gathers all available details from the given sources.

For preparation of the development it was necessary to explore the concerning capabilities of the platform, exploring how to connect to the social services, using persistence data storage technologies like Core Data database management system. After a thorough designing process, I developed the internal structure of the application and I created an appropriate user interface for presenting the collected data and handle interactions from the users. Finally it was needed to test and verify the functions, behavior and the operation of the developed application.


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