Noise Measuring iOS application

OData support
Dr. Márki Ferenc
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The subject of my thesis is the development of a community sound level survey application for the iOS platform, which is one of the main research lines of a project launched in 2014 by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The purpose of the project is to draw the parents attention to the potential danger of early hearing loss of children. I present the ideas and the results of this project, the required legislation, and I look at how phones are used as a measuring instrument and they limitations. I also outline some sound technical concepts that are essential to the understanding of the thesis. In my thesis, I describe the things needed for development, such as Apple's programming language, Swift and the necessary programs. I look at iOS 10's most important new features that have impacted and will be on the project and future development. As a key part of my thesis, I'm going to detail the architecture and functionality of the application I developed, including the problems of the iOS platform and the solutions of them.


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