Modernization of the heating system control with KNX system in a community building

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The task was the modernization of the heating control of a community house. At first, I introduce the current state of the house, the building electricity network and the mechanical systems in relation with the project. I also cover the current operating experiences. I fix the needs of the investor. Thereafter, I describe the emergence of the KNX standard, and I write about the transmission technology as well as the topology of the system. I describe the major tools regarding the plans prepared, elaborating the presence detectors thoroughly. Then, I expound the design of the heating control. I do so while grouping according to the needs of the investor. The tool descriptions and plans listed in the Annex are integral parts of the paper:

– System engineering drawing - conceptual assembly drawing

– Attic room block - Mechanical systems - cooling system

– Attic room block - power system and low voltage system

– Attic room block - Establishment of the KNX system

– Ground floor reception - Establishment of the KNX system


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