Social network integration in Java applications with Spring Social

OData support
Kövesdán Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The goal of this thesis is to create an application, which helps users to upload and manage pictures on their Facebook pages.

The target audience of this application is a very specific type of people. The average user is most likely to post random pictures to their feed, and it could be easily done with the default methods. But there are some groups of people who post a large amount of organized photos. Like a fitness trainer, who collects photos of their mentee’s progress into different albums, a fresh parent who wants to share pictures of their babies, or a photographer who uploads the pictures of their models into different albums. This software could be a big help for them, because it synchronizes the offline folders with their online album counterparts, and gives an easy way to set default visibility for them.

For the creation of the application I will get acquainted with the Spring framework, and its extension, the Spring Social and Spring Social Facebook frameworks. Spring Social allows to wire the application with different social platforms (E.g.: Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, or even Google, or Github). For the user interface, I will use the JavaFX library, which allows me to create the user interface from XML, so in the code the visuals and controllers can be separated.

This thesis will present the design, development, and testing of the application, and the capability of the used components.


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