Community Based Bicycle Application Development on Android Platform

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays cycling has become more popular activity. Lot of people go to work by bike or spend their free time on two wheels. According this trend bike paths have been built up and developed in a rush. Many times we have no information or idea where these paths are or what are their destinations. Alternatively where to be found places which are useful or relevant during riding on a bike.

Due to this reasons and almost every people have a smartphone in their pocket the theme of my thesis is designing and developing of Bikee, which is a social cycling application on Android platform. User can track their outdoor activities, look for points of interests (restaurants, pubs, service points etc.), plan and show their routes and after that the application can navigate them on the way from their current position to a specified point (by them) or point of interest on the map. The software implements user account handling so historical data can be also shown.

In the first section of my thesis I will search and analyze the most popular and successful cycling or sport applications on the Google Play. After that I will introduce major properties of the Android platform and the architecture of the Bikee. I will go through the most important steps of the design and explain the reasons of the most significant decisions. In the remaining part I will show the steps of the implementation and finally I will document the test results and investigate the further development opportunities.


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