Enhancement of Music Score Management System for Communities

OData support
Knapp Ádám
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The topic of my thesis is the improvement and enhancement of a web-based system created for small choirs and ensembles. The Music Score System for Communities is capable of storing different types of musical documents (eg. sheet music, sound recordings, lyrics) grouped by composition, it provides version control and handles user rights. The metadata of compositions and documents are stored as tags. Files can be validated, and conversion between different formats is supported as well. These functions are extendable via modules.

Some useful functions of the system had to be left out of the implementation due to lack of time. These include for example the support for creating playlists from the compositions stored in the system, and a search function that would be capable of finding documents in the system based on a part of their melody rather than their text. The user interface of the system ended up being somewhat difficult to use at places, and there were some minor bugs in the implementation as well.

In my thesis I will introduce the original system, analysing its shortcomings and listing possibilities for improvement; I will describe the new main functions that I implemented and prove their correct behaviour with a series of tests; and I will document all the slight modifications and bugfixes I made in the system.


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