Developing Music Score Management System for Communities

OData support
Horváth Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The goal of my thesis is to develop an internet application that provides a

way for choirs and musical bands to share their music related documents (eg.

sheet music, audio record, lyrics) between their members. Alongside the

centralized document management, assisting the members’ work with the files

stored in the system is also part of the goal.

The software supports user right management, so no unauthorized user

can access any information stored in the system, yet the members of the band

can access their documents anywhere with a modern web browser.

On the user interface one can navigate between documents based on the

musical composition they belong to, access or restore older versions of the

documents, and search between them based on titles, filenames, and any

metadata assigned to them.

The automatized services of the software validate the file when a user

uploads them, loads any stored metadata stored in the document itself, and

write back any modification in these attributes the user wishes to make.

Uploaded documents can be converted from one format to another with

converters that are part of the system. These services can be further expanded

with easy-to-develop add-on modules.


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