Developing Music Score Management System for Communities

OData support
Knapp Ádám
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Managing music sheets is an important problem in choirs and orchestras. The traditional way of accomplishing this task is photocopying sheets and store them in a manually managed system. Today, computer technology and digitization lets us change from old paper-based systems to manage music sheets on computers. This makes sharing of music sheets easier too.

In some cases, the music sheets are in bad quality (near to unreadable) and can contain errors. Using music notation software, we can retype them, correcting the errors and producing a high-quality sheets. My goal was to design and implement a system for a choir or an orchestra that can support management, storage, share, and development of music sheets, recordings, requests for new music sheets and reports of errors in the existing ones.

Such a system has to deal with multiple types of music documents and recordings. In some cases, different document types can be converted automatically. I examined the possibilities of automated conversions, document validation, calculation the difference of two documents and various searching tasks. I implemented some modules to perform these functions.


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