Developing Social Network with JavaFX

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Social networks are getting more and more popular among users. Nowadays, it is very rare if someone has an Internet access but does not use any of the social networks at all. As well, you can hardly ever find a person who has not got a mobile phone or other portable device.

For instance Facebook is the most popular social network and it is accessible through mobile devices as well. It was created in 2004 and in first times registering on the site was allowed only for students of certain universities in the US. However, it has more than 500 million registered users now.

Java is one of the most popular technologies in all platforms including desktop, server-side and mobile applications. You can find it in browsers or on TV set-top-boxes as well. Moreover, one of the most popular e-book readers, the Amazon Kindle has Java-based applications.

Such wide usage and the need for developing more interactive and user-friendly applications brought the need to develop Java applications with enhanced graphical user interface.

This was the aim of developing JavaFX Script, which is a declarative scripting language. Thanks to its tools and the libraries it gives an advanced support for developing sophisticated graphical user interfaces, animations and visual effects for applications used on various devices and platforms.

This work is targeting the goal of developing a social network application, which consists of both the JavaFX client and the related server-side application with the database. The application allows the users to create and share their class schedule with their friends.

Developing the client in the JavaFX language seems to be the right decision because of the platform-independency of the Java language mentioned above, which allows the program to run in a wide variety of devices with little modification in the source code.

With this work I try to demonstrate the most important tools of the JavaFX Script. I also show the structure of the client application as well as the ways and techniques used during its implementation.


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