Social networking on an ASP.NET based portal

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

From the mid-2000s, due to changing of surfing habits the people started to use community sites. The main purpose of a community site was building a social network, which allows users to share contents and keep contact with acquaintances. During the development of these sites, increasing the user experience and with the new Web 2.0 features they can expand their user base.

The major social networking sites provide a programming interface for developers who want to integrate social networking services into their projects. This allows to create new social networking sites, which can supplement by a number of new topic-specific functions.

The Department of BME AAIT signature validation team hasn't got a community site, which effectively assist the work of research, communication and cooperation between the participants and present the results.

The student must implement the following tasks:

Describe the ASP.NET MVC framework and development opportunities

Describe the Facebook API

Design and implement a community-based ASP.NET MVC page for AAIT Department for signature validation team

Implement a motivational system, which helps to increase the user activity

Integrate Facebook community services, and implement unique Silverlight components to enhance the user experience


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