Közösségi portál mobil kliens változata

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Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Application Design and Development for Mobile Devices

This thesis argues the unlimited opportunities and functions which the latest mobile platforms provide. Its purpose is to observe the specialties, limits and boundaries related to this new platform and present the current solutions and mobile specific UI functions.

Detaching the telecommunication device from the wired network has led to the birth of the first radiophone and started something awesome. Now, almost a half century later, we are still just at the beginning of the discovery of the unlimited options what a smart and handy device in our pockets can be used for. This thesis argues the design and development of applications for mobile devices focusing on the specialties and limits of the platform. Summarizes the history of Smartphone and other mobile devices to discover and recognize the current trends. Introduces the most popular mobile operating systems and their share of the market. Observes the current user habits and presents the process of developing a mobile application through a concrete example.


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