Community Transporting Solution on Android Platform

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays smartphones gain more and more space in our daily life. These devices are not just for making calls, they are capable for a lot more. The main differences between simple mobilephones and smartphones are that smartphones have bigger processing power and usually have access to the internet. These devices, the smartphones satisfy various demands which emerge from the different parts of our life. They are both telecommunications devices and consumer electronics devices, and last but not least, they fit in our pocket.

It is the applications that make smartphones smart. The hardware could be exceptionally powerful it will not matter if the software on them won’t satisfy the user’s requirements. The main requirement towards these devices is that they should have applications which make our everyday lives easier.

For my thesis I made an application which focuses on solving an everyday issue, as mentioned above and this is transporting, in the sense of package delivery and shipping. During package delivery a lot of consumer needs, problems could arise, like special delivery dates, there could be fragile packages or as simple as the cost of the shipment can be too expensive, etc.

To solve the problems of transportation I created a community based application, with which users can solve their problems by helping each other. The software gives the users an interface, where they can post their personal transportation demands, problems and the community solves them. Besides these, the application provides in-app messaging, this makes the communication between the carrier and the sender easier.

In my thesis I present my project task, the architecture and behaviour of the finished application in detail and describe the user interface with screenshots.


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