Implementing an Application for Social Car Service in SAP HANA

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The theme of my thesis covers a topic of everyday life problems. It was an important consideration for me, that the subject of my degree should be tangible for every people as well.

One of the features of traffic jams in major cities is that there are a lot of cars where only the driver is inside the car. The free seats are unused, so the car owner bears the whole travel costs. Travelling with separate car is an usual thing within families, however it is unnecessary, because they often have the same destination. It is a bad habit, because this activity is polluted the air unnecessarily. Many people without a car, would be happy if he / she could travel with symphatic drivers, if their departures and destinations were in the same direction. In this case, picking up and transport some passengers is not giving extra costs for the drivers. According to my view, this solution could work, if drivers transported their passengers only a part of their ways.

There are many applications on the internet, that deal with this issue. I have examined their services in my degree and identified what features they provide to users. As the result of my researches, I have realized that, none of the applications provide a route planning service, which can automatically modify the route of the car based on passangers needs. So I have made an application that supports this feature.

My application provides an opportunity for driver users to register their trips with boundary conditions. When a user registers new passanger trip, the program examines the routes of the car and selects some trips which can be assigned to driver’s trip under the specified conditions.

The implemented software can design routes that meets the requirements. The result of the algorithm is saved into database, this data can be used to produce different statistical indicators, which characterize the efficiency.


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