iOS application development for supporting community services

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, we can follow the expansion of mobile devices. The different platforms provide the opportunity to the user to achieve the most of the goals of their daily routine. Furthermore we should evaluate the mobile devices as a new and important platform, because they satisfy the requirements of the ordinary customers.

Considering the smartphones we can follow a great leap according to the summer of 2007. The Apple Inc. introduced their first mobile product, the iPhone. With their innovative, advanced touch screen solution they revolutionized the user’s experience. This has opened new gates of possibilities in mobile development. Because of the aesthetic graphical user interface, and the ease of use they reached a high market share.

Parallelly a big variety of social networks and applications have gained high popularity. Some social features like forums and new feeds have been helping the communication of the web’s users.

In my thesis I present a client application containing social features written in Objective-C language. The application communicates with a server running Microsoft Azure platform over JSON. The application was designed for the iOS platform running on the iPad device. After presenting the planning and the development of the application, I will discuss two methods of optimization.


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