Social Network Based Application Development for The iPhone Platform

OData support
Dr. Kelényi Imre
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of my thesis is to become acquainted with iPhone and Facebook platforms, and using the knowledge about these the planning and implementation of an application that supports the organization of public activities.

I have started with the core basis of the Facebook programmer interface because during my studies I did not have the opportunity to learn about it. My task was not easy because the system is developing so quickly that during the two semesters when I wrote my thesis, the manner of the public service use has changed completely.

The situation was the same with the iPhone platform. Although I had some courses at the university connected to the development of mobile software where the successful cell phone by Apple was also mentioned, this knowledge remained theoretical during the course. It has made my work more difficult that just like the Facebook system, the system of iPhone is changing as well, and these changes have an influence on the application I realized in frame of my thesis.

After I had been acquainted with the technologies, I continued with planning. I constructed the architecture and its components step by step. Firstly, I started with the data layer, then I built the functions of business logic on that. Finally, I ended this phase with planning the construction of the client that is running on the mobile device.

Based on the plan, I implemented each layers, then I tested the components one by one and also the system as a whole.

In my opinion, this application supports and facilitates the development of the communities in the 21st century, offering a good starting point for providing further social services that are based on geographical positions.


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