Development of a social study-management system with Android support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

As technological development has become more intensive lately, so changed the ways how people communicate with each other. Owing to innovations there are new possibilities to create relationships and maintain them. It is important to mention the so-called social networks that are built on a network of relationships and are highly popular these days. The efficiency of their use to support education systems is an open issue, a good implementation does not exist yet.

In my thesis I attempt to create a client-server architecture that is specialized on the relationship between teachers and students in order to combine features of education system and community. The main contribution of this thesis is designing an architecture that establishes a reliable and restricted system in order to enable the users to focus on their studies, tasks; unlike other social systems (e.g. Facebook), where it is difficult to avoid unnecessary information flow.

The client implements several features to achieve this functionality, among others it allows students to get in touch with each other or teachers. It also supports the creation of separate channels, events of specific courses' tasks and reading of news related to departments and other important institutions.

In order to achieve these tasks I aspired to choose the most suitable technologies as well as to use their features optimally. The client application is built on Android which is recently the most popular mobile operating system.

My thesis contains a detailed review of the specification, the applied technologies, and the process of designing as well as the most important steps of implementation. The last chapters of the document offer a useful insight into the behavior of the completed application and also suggestions for further development.


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