Developing a social music application in cloud environment

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In recent years one of the most influential IT solution is cloud application development which can help tenant infrastructure and platform via the major providers. The cloud applications complete perfectly the mobile applications which are operated by the user. The communication between the platforms is handled by the internet.

The spread of mobile applications in the past few years have grown extremely and basically there is an application for almost every problem. The cause of this is the growth of the mobile device performance over the years and with the build-in sensors the client side devices can perform many type of tasks.

In my thesis I develop a cloud and a mobile application and with these applications I demonstrate the cooperation of the two platforms. The mobile application is a social music app developed for the Android platform which helps to get to know new people with similar interests of music. While listening music on the mobile device the application shares the user's music information to the nearby people. The cloud application runs on Amazon's infrastructure and it uses the Amazon Web Services.

After the application's specification I present a technology description about the different technologies I used while developing the application. Among other things I review the used services of the Amazon Web Services and I expose the basic application development on the Android platform. Following the technology description I present the design of the mobile and cloud application and their relationship. Then follows the designed application implementation and testing, both the client and server side.


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