Developing a social music player application

OData support
Kövesdán Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Due to the technological evolution, as internet became widespread people has the opportunity to listen to almost any kind of music. However, in communities there isn’t any widespread solution that would allow members to determine the music they want to listen to at group events. The service that I present in my thesis is a solution to this problem. The point of this service is to allow communities to edit music playlists together. Any member of the group can add track to the list, and by rating the tracks they can determine the position of the track in the playlist.

In my thesis I study the most widespread online music sharing services how much they support social music playing. For the implementation of our service we are also using the development kit of one of these popular music playing application.

As the implementation of our service we are preparing an Android application for users. Connection among clients is provided by a server application that is developed using Spring Boot Framework. The server application contains the business logic of the service, and it is also responsible for data access. The server application provides a REST interface to communicate with the clients, or they can also communicate via Firebase messages. In my thesis I write a detailed review of the architecture of both components, I present the used technologies and write about the design decisions that were made.

The last chapter of the thesis is about the unit testing of the server application and about the user tests of the Android application.


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