Developing a social music player service on iOS platform

OData support
Fekete Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During preparing the MSc thesis my aim was to develop an application which can be used excessively. My primary goal was to present an idea that is really novel among the overwhelming mobile-applications present in the market. This is why I have targeted a music player software which is able to connect the delight of listening music with possibilities offered by social networking services. To fulfil this goal, I’ve tried to find a solution which is easily used either at home or in different pubs, casinos etc. by the public and also by the entertainer. By the help of this application everybody could take part in organizing the party because the play-list is compiled by the guests themselves and so it is guaranteed that those hits will be played which are preferred by majority of the participants. This, on the one hand would cheer up the peoples, on the other hand involves the participants in the play-list selection process. An other advantage of this application is that it can be used not only in larger places but also in smaller parties as well. It can also be used if you are alone and just want to set up a play-list for yourself and listen the hits on it because thanks to the incorporated YouTube support almost every music-hit becomes available in presence of internet connection.

For this application I have chosen the IOS platform. The main reason behind was that the IOS based platforms' rate of return is much higher than in the case of the concurent Android platform. It means that although the Android devices have a much biger share of business the users are willing to pay more for an iOS application. Another important factor that the software development is much easier on this platform because we do not need to prepare for many different shaped and sized screens because if we create an application the correct way we can be sure that it will work perfectly on any iOS based device.


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