Examination of possibilities of central data aqusition in case of home medical devices

OData support
Dr. Benesóczky Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My MSc Thesis’ subject bonds to telehealth and telemedicine services: it examines the methods for transferring the measurement results of a home medical instrument to a central repository, and how the results can be accessed by the users.

Today, there are medical devices available which are able to transmit the measurement results in a database. There are some health services based on these instruments, however these services are available mostly in the developed countries.

I designed the basics of such service. The system consists of a ready-made medical device, a communication module and a Web server.

The examined medical device is a body analysis scale. My first task was to examine the internal operation of this scale, and to make it possible to read out the results.

I engineered the hardware design, the schematics and the software design of the communication module. The module is controlled by an NXP LPC11U24 type microcontroller, which transmits the data with a SIMCOM SIM900 type GSM/GPRS module through mobile network, with the use of HTTP POST method.

The designed JAVA HTTP server receives and stores the measurement results in a database. This Web server generates a web site in which user can view and filter the results in a table and a chart.

The prototype of the communication module was implemented with the use of an mbed development board and a SIM900 EVB Kit. This prototype can acquire the measurement results from the personal scale and transmit them to the Web server, which can display the results in a browser.

I designed my MSc Thesis at the MEDICOR® Elektronika Zrt.


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