Central control unit for smart home application

OData support
Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

People getting more and more comfortable and the next step is the spreading of smart home systems. We have made the first steps for 120 years ago thanks to Tesla, who patented the remote controller’s theory. Although the first present-day smart home system was only made in the 1960s.

My diploma thesis is to plan and develop a central unit which is able to maintenance a system like this. In the frist place I describe the most current smart home communication standards, then I give details about why I have chosen the WiFi. I go through on the used hardwares and introduce the communication protocol and the message types. The completed system is only controllable by logined users. It’s able to distinguish several authority levelswhich is given by the admins for each user seperatly. The user is able to assign the connected node units to the created rooms, which are displayed on a 2D map with multiple stairs support. The user is able to set the room’s size and it’s location at the creating stage. The UI has a light and a dark themes. It supports manual light control by tapping the rooms, the light can be turned on and off and automatic light controlis managed by the PIR sensors.


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