Developement of a software to analyse road traffic networks

OData support
Dr. Charaf Hassan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In these days, traffic jams cause severe damage to environment and property as well.

Therefore, it is extremly important to provide advanced tools and informatical support for

transportation engineers to analyse the given possibilities and alternative solutions. Current

softwares on the market ensure simulation results as „black-boxes”, so the authenticity and

role of these applications are questionable.

By cooperating with the Department of Control and Transport Automation of BUTE

worked I out a software based on a public, non-linear mathematical model which is

applicable to large traffic networks, and combines the advantages of the formal mathematical

model with the effective solution, implementation. During the planning of the software I

chose object-oriented approaches to guarantee the quality of the code and the possibility to

improve the actual system.

To facilitate the work of transportation engineers the developed software is able to

query and display pieces of map information provided by the Microsoft Bing Service. In

order to port simulation results, I’ve implemented a solution to export them into documents.

So as to advance the handling of large amount of data and to decrease modeling time, I

created a feature to set the items of the traffic network automatically with the usage of the

developed interface.

To increase the usability and the value of the software, I applied a workaround that

provides simulation results to people who prefer 3D visualization to large number of figures

and graphs. This application communicates via a standard interface to query the current state

of the macroscopic model and the simulation. Furthermore, it tries to deduce the microscopic

properties of the individual cars to provide 3D animation of the possible traffic.


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