Investigating critical current density in the solder joints of surface mounted components

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Dr. Géczy Attila
Department of Electronics Technology


Nowadays, new, special technologies and solutions are needed to fulfil the increasing and continuous requirements of the electronic manufacturing industry. Many of these requirements aim the miniaturization of our electronic devices and the increase of their performance, therefore new problems occur during the application of the new solutions.

One of these miniaturization methods is the via-in-pad technology at the assembly of BGA-packaged integrated circuits and the electromigration is a regular malfunction of this structure.

In my work, I introduce these two subjects and the simultaneous presence of them. I reveal the effects of the electromigration on BGA structures in an experiment, where I construct a model with real-life parameters from a previous simulation, then evaluate the outcome.

My goal is to describe and examine the electromigration on a structure, that has not been examined so far and to make recommendations for the aspects of new possible researches. Though the phenomenon of the electromigration is known long ago, its role in the electronics manufacturing industry has just appeared in the 2000’s, thus I assume every new research in the topic is relevant.


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