Web application development for chronical diseases

OData support
Bartalis István Mátyás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, more and more people get in a situation, that requires daily medication. Particularly disadvantaged from this viewpoint those who suffer from chronic illnesses, because they might have to take care many medicines.

My thesis aims to create a web application that helps people with chronic disease. Those people can manage their drug stocks, the system will notify them if one of their medicine will run out, and they should visit their doctor. In addition, they can share their experiences and can record their status, and view it on graphs.

I will also create a mobile-optimized version of this web application, a simplified version, where the main features are implemented, so they can record their status, or a drug purchase, and look after their stocks.

My main goal is to create an application to the users who have no computer knowledge, and it is easy to use this web application. In addition, I consider it important that in the future it can easily be specialized to many disease site.


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