Developing of the preparation leading software of chronic hemodialysis machine's dialysis solution from object oriented aspect

OData support
Megyesi Balázs Károly
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Life is unimaginable withouth kidneys which are responsible for excretion. There is solution to treatment of renal insufficiency for decades, this is dialysis. We are able to create machines with modern technology which made this process automatically with nursing supervision.

The mechanical components are given and there will be no drastic advencement in the future, but in the software. The current software architectures of dialysis machines are antiquated. It is hard to develop them alone or in team work too. There are several modern solutions for this problem yet. Android and AUTOSAR have effective architectures which are preferable in embedded systems. They are not appropriate for dialysis machines, but they can give good ideas for an architect. The merits are the object oriented approach and layered structure. I will describe the process of dialysis, the working of machine and the current applied software architectures. There are several types of dialysis machines but they have many common functionalities, so it is useful to develop a reuse based software architecture.


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