Development of the hardware test environment of a chronic dialysis machine

OData support
Naszály Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Out of all the people worldwide who are affected by chronic kidney disease, only few millions are treated in dialysis centres, while waiting for a possible kidney transplant. To ensure a reliable and safe treatment for them, the dialysis machine, as a safety-critical medical device, must comply with the strict regulations of its field. The proof of such compliance is the results of exhausting testing.

During my Master Thesis I aspired to develop a test environment, capable of providing for the future test automation of a dialysis machine. In order to achieve this, my task is to further deepen my knowledge on the inner workings, its safety critical software components and interfaces of said medical device. After identifying the object of testing, I must define the relations between the test environment and the test object in order to derive the necessary requirements for my design.

My task includes the creation of a test device and the communication infrastructure containing it, which should be fully compatible with the dialysis machine under development. By designing a portable software layer for communication management, the overall development time can be reduced. The test environment and its components must provide the necessary compatibility with previous test devices as well.

During my work, complex hardware-software co-design awaits me in an embedded environment, but system architectural design will be part of my job too. The verification and validation of the test environment must examine reliable testing capabilities and the possibility for automation.


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