Visualization of key performance indicators at Lufthansa Systems Hungary

OData support
Dr. Hullám Gábor István
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The topic of my diploma work was based on a project at Lufthansa Systems Hungary Ltd. with the goal of creating a Decision Support Tool called KPI Dashboard. This tool displays all important key performance indicators of the company (like Revenue, Costs, Utilization, etc.) in a summarized view called Dashboard.

To provide the Dashboard with the neccesary data I had to design and implement a complex process with several steps. In the first step I had to extract the source data from each departments’ operative database. After that came the steps of data cleansing, data restructuring and then the historisation of the data. Finally I implemented the data service layer for the Dashboard application.

In order to implement this workflow I used a data warehouse, which supports this process with built-in ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) tools and allows the complex, real-time analysis of the data.


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