Keyword based tesing for functional testing of DX HLR

OData support
Dr. Gajdos Sándor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In today's society, the competition for consumers is getting tense, that places all sectors of the economy under a growing pressure for quality.

In software developement the importance of coming to market early with a relatively error-free and proper product is getting higher. Testing is intended to ensure the quality, but because of the groving pressure of deadlines and clients, new methods are needed to keep up with the competition. Because of this, the test methods are in continuous development. In the followings I would examine a new approach, the keyword based testing. I will show why is the testing important at all, what kind of phases and techniques it has, and what improvements can the keyword based approach offer. I have measured the supporting frameworks of the method and I compared the best solution to the presently used functional testing tools, used by Nokia Siemens Network on a chosen HLR service. I put the Robot Framework, and the Quick Test Pro tols into the focus of my examination.


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