Configuration of Different Functions in Operational DCN Management Networks

OData support
Dr. Sonkoly Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

During my service I have been dealing with real network management systems.My task was to integrate earlier operating devices into a new network architecture in a way that the continuous operation remains ensured.For this, at first, I had to examine the structure of the current supervisory network with its properties. Then I examined the new structure and formulated rules by which security can be increased to a higher level. After this, I carried out a check on the systems being migrated and created a split, system-based Internet Protokol address distribution, in which all devices of the current system can be covered by short, a maximum of two-range addresses. Moreover, I also considered future expansion needs and so created corresponding number of reserve.After the address-assignment I determined the principles and technologies by which users can access the monitoring systems in a controlled way.After the formation of the access and addressing parts I studied the connection of devices to the service provider's network and I provided solution plans for their new architecture compatible structure. Modeling these plans on simulators and real device I gave a solution so that continuous operation, remote reconfiguration and security all can be maintained at the same time. So at the end I created a whole new process of switching method by which all devices will be able to work in the new structure.

In addition, I have carried out additional tasks that arose in the subject of supervisory networking and I provided solutions to these as well, and I analyzed future tasks too. At the end of my thesis I summarized the results achieved and determined my direction along which I will continue my research in the future.


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