Special servo drives

OData support
Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

For the XLINX XCS1500 SPARTAN FPGA developed microcontroller taken up the direction, and the number of steps, and forward it to the FPGA. Program written in a FPGA, which send impulse according to given number of steps to the four ports, which are the four phase of stepper motor. Power electronics receives these impulse, finally power electronic drives the stepper motor.

A Matlab/Simulink environment to simulate a 6/4-switched reluctance motor, its linear model, is described. Its dynamics is described and discussed in detail. All simulations are completely documented by their block diagrams and corresponding special Matlab functions and parameters. Based on the references, the phase current of established model for hysteresis and voltage control strategies corresponds to a real case of SRM phase current. The model shows that it is necessary to choose an appropriate value to turn-off commutations angle if one wants to decrease the torque ripple magnitude.


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