Development of an External USB Camera Application for Android Tablet

OData support
Gáspár Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays also the tablet PCs have become very wide-spread beside smartphones.The tablets eliminated the limit of mobile phones with small display sizes but keep their positive features, such as portability, possibility of a permanent internet connection or a multi-point touch screen. New market opportunities have been presented due to the larger display and the easy portability. In earlier years the mobility of measuring and diagnostic devices was complicated. The spread of laptops and netbooks has improved portability but the tablet PCs mean the real break-through in the field of mobility. They have such kind of interface through which external devices can be connected to them.

The aim of my dissertation was to prepare a mobile application which is capable to display external USB camera image. At first in order to realize it I had to solve hardware fitting between the medical camera given by the Chair and the tablet PC running Android. The achieved program both can take snapshots of displayed live pictures and has a module for dealing patients. User only has to select a patient and in the editing part minor amendments can be done in the pictures stored by the system. The pictures can be labeled by the program. The labels are stored among Exif information of the pictures so it is possible to display labels when other image viewer programs are used. The pictures made, constructed labeled by the help of the camera can be upload, to remote places by the use of FTP protocol. I have realized the application on Android platform which is now the fastest-growing platform in the market.


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