External Rotor PMSM Hub Motor Design for Formula Student Racecar

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Dr. Balázs Gergely György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The car manufacturers are forced to decrease their cars pollutant by 30% in 2020. Decreasing the fuel consumption of the combustion engines is getting a bigger challenge for the engineers, and it seems that they can’t reach the necessary decreasing without appling electrical machines. The manucaturers recognised the facts that they have to invest resources developing electrical machines beside the old combustion engines. In large traction drives they have experience in these technology mostly in asynchronous motors, but if they want to reach high power and torque density they have to pay attention to the permanent magnet synchronous machine. In the introduction of this thesis i summarize the steps towards the electric vehicles, and in the second chapter, i examine concrete electric motor manufacturers products.

In my Bsc thesis i did analyitcal control calculation of a permanent magnet synchronous hub wheel motor. In my studies at Msc I have the opportuinty to continue working on this motor, so i could optimize it based on vechicle dynamics calculations. After that i could monitor, and helped in the assemblyof the prototype motor, then I did the necessary measurments to define the parameters of the equivalent circuit of the machines. Based on the experience of the prototype motor I suggested some imporvements int he construction.


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