Design external drive for measurement-specific testbench prototype

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Thanks to the progress of power electronics in the past decades, the industrial application of synchronous, and asynchronous machines increased, de-emphasized the application of brushed DC motors. There are many disadvantages of brushed motors, for example, the abrasion of brushes, which means, these machines needs a lot of maintenance, or brush sparking. Latter means, that these motors can not be applicated near explosive areas.

Nevertheless, the cost, and simple operation of these motors still makes them popular in some area of use, for example in the car industry, as servo-motors of cars (as wiper-drive motors, window-lifter motors etc.), that’s why continious developments are taking place in several engineering centers in the world to make these motors better.

One of these centers are in Budapest called Robert Bosch Engineering Center Budapest (ECB), where are many special teams working on these developments day after day. There are a dozens of measurements, that helps to get up-to-date informations of the brushes, the commutator, or the winding. For these measurements, engineers need to build unique test-benches frequently. The implementation of the test equipment is at least as important as the measurements itself.

In my thesis, i will work on a prototype of one of those test equipments (at least on a part of it).

I made the testbench with two of my colleagues, because there were three well separated part of the equipment (the mechanical structure, the measuring electronics, and the external drive). My part was the design of the external drive.


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