Using an external microcontroller resources on an Android device

OData support
Dr. Benesóczky Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

There are a lot of instruments (e.g. PC-scopes) on the market without built-in screens, or control panels, but with the ability to be attached to a PC, or a laptop with RS-232, or USB. They can also be controlled with PC software. This gives them a huge advantage in contrast to the conventional solutions. Nowadays even smartphones, or tablets can be used for this purpose. The additional pros of this option is that we get a small, portable tool equipped with a fast CPU, and lots of memory. It's been a while that some ICs offering a convenient solution for communicating with a microcontroller began to appear on the market (e.g. the FT311D has a USB host interface, and I2C/UART/SPI capabilities).

This thesis' goal is to provide an insight to the different communication protocols used for connecting a PC-scope, sensor, or data logger to a PC, or a mobile phone. The paper starts with the review of some of the currently applied protocols for this purpose, and then I compare them, and see if there are some usable, clever ideas. After this, I present my own solution for a protocol for this purpose. Following this, I show an implementation of the protocol for connecting an Atmel development board with an Android phone.


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