Third-person shooter development with Direct3D

OData support
Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The purpose of this thesis is to present what basic functionalities have to be implemented in a computer game. I present realizations for these functionalities through developing an application.

The first part of this document presents some information collected from different sources, about implementing these functionalities. Also I compare some maze generation algorithms that can help to implement automatic field generation.

The second parts discuss planning choices and the details of the implementation. Within the field generation I present how I changed Kruskal’s algorithm to create larger rooms into the maze. Furthermore, I demonstrate what method I used to connect a newly generated maze to an already existing one.

The next part explains the details of the drawing mechanism. It also presents how to differentiate entities and how to draw them. I expound the structure of the Shader program. Furthermore, I discuss how I implemented the shadow map based shadow drawing.

I present the steps of the animation, the implementation of the physical simulation of the objects and the collision detection. I also describe how I separated the control by user and the control by computer implementations.

I expound some part of the game logic, inside that how I generate lava spots, enemies and mazes next to each other.

At last I evaluate my work in a few paragraphs and I describe some development ideas at the end of the dissertation.


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