Development of an outdoor measurement unit for the long-term investigation of photovoltaic modules

OData support
Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

My first task was to write a controller program for a previously designed and assembled solar panel characterizer station and get to know its working mechanism. Secondly, I had to test the full station and take measurements while the software controlled it. The measurements were taken in a full day time. Two measurements were taken in different days, one corresponding to a cloudly day and an other corresponding to a sunny one.

The reason for designing the station was to be able to test different types of solar panels in their normal conditions. With this opportunity the customers could compare the differently priced and different types of solar panels. With the ability of long term measurements one could get more additional information about the solar panels than with previous calculations. By the time the panels get older, one can even compare the efficiency loss considering them. With these abilities, the station may be able to save high amounts of money before larger investments.

Moreover, it can be very useful for the department of my university in order to do researches related with solar panels in the future.


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