Development of Course Management Portal

OData support
Dr. Kovács Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The main goal of my thesis is to design, implement and develop the solid base of a multilingual reliable course management portal, which can be used in education from elementary level to university levels – even in other foreign countries.

During the designing of the web application the most general solution was always preferred to help the possible necessary future developments. To achieve this clean, transparent and well structured software design was expected.

In my current thesis I had to implement a page for adding new tasks with huge variety of the later described components, and another page to display the tasks properly, clearly and user friendly. Firstly it was completely enough to create a working Hungarian user interface, but I could never lose sight of the future multilingual interface of the portal. I had a great idea to manage this problem wherewith I was able to achieve a Hungarian and an English version as well.

During the development of the course management portal, I could learn the most popular programming languages using for web developing, like JavaScript and PHP, which were indispensable for this thesis. Furthermore I could learn a lot of new and useful knowledge, which were not included in the bachelor level.


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