ASP.NET Based Course Management System

OData support
Dávid Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays the online systems have been spreading increasingly. They make our lives easier when we don’t have to go to different offices to manage the transactions. We can reach everything from the chair.

The online university systems and departmental websites help both students and teachers with managing the administrative issues. Although the Educational Administration System called Neptun covers many different kinds of areas, but they don’t meet all the requirements so these systems have to complete them. The Educational Administration System established by me has a determinative role. It gives chance to the application of opportunities with keeping to time schedule and at the same time they can create their own schedule according to their needs.

In my work I present the way from the planning, through the implementing and testing the system until the improvement of the application.

The implementation of the website is in ASP.NET written in C# by using Microsoft SQL Server. After representing the details of the program (Chapter 2.1) and the formation of a model (Chapter 2.2), I concentrate on the technology overview (Chapter 2.3-2.5) that was followed by the authorization system (Chapter 3).

I discuss the emerging problems, their execution in the following chapter (4-7. chapter) and the function of the system as well. I tested the application (Chapter 9) and I collected the improvement facilities. (Chapter 10)

An effective departmental system can be created with the help of the improvement of the application. These web pages can be used by the departments in the whole university.


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