Course management application for the Android platform

OData support
Dévai István Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In recent years some mobile platforms achieved a significant place in the market of IT devices. Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems had a particular strong growth in the market share [1]. The Android’s growth is due to open-source licenses, free Java-based development environment and the support of wide ranges of certain mobile devices.

The thesis is going to be divided into three major units based on the task description. The first step is to explain the Android platform in its development perspective, after that I plan a course management system. Then comes the last role and that is planning and developing an Android client application.

The first chapter of my thesis contains the Android operating system as a development platform. This part would like to be a detailed presentation of the course management system modeling and also an analysis of business problems and design decisions. Here can we can find also the selection of communication protocol between client and server as well as definition of the server interface. The final task seems to design, implement and test an Android client application, that the course organizer can perform administrative tasks from the course site as well efficiently and conveniently using phone. So these administrative tasks contain the registration of courses, participants and financial accounts. Also the application must be ready to support offline mode and the secure storage of sensitive business information. Finally the last chapter explains the application design, like the implementation details and experiences.

[1] Statcounter, 2011:


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