Research purpose data visualization and analysis framework for patient data collected during tight glycaemic control

OData support
Dr. Benyó Balázs István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My thesis work was to design, implement and test a web based information system for doctors and researchers to visualize and analyze patient treatment data. The treatment data was collected during tight glycemic controlled patients on the intensive care unit.

It is important to manage the metabolic balance of the patients on the intensive care unit. An advisory system supported STAR protocol is used in the Békés Megyei Központi Kórház at Gyula which make a suggestion for further treatment form the patient’s data of treatment. The advisory system is implemented by a software application running on a tablet computer. The application is called STAR which uses the STAR (Stochastic TARgeted Control) tight glycemic control protocol. During treatment the patient’s data was collected and saved. A searchable and visualization capable system was my task for these data.

The system will be used by doctors and researchers so I have to design a system with different types of users and user authorization. The doctors have access only their own patients. The researchers can access all patients’ data except personal information of the patients.

In the system implementation I used the vert.x framework at the server side, AngularJS extension at the client side. I implemented the storage for users and patient data in mongoDB. This system can be accessed by an internet browser and after sign in the users can see the data and run diagnostic functions.


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